Window Treatments Ideas for French Doors

French doors are one of the most classic designs known to home design. They provide a great way for light to come into any home while giving it a sophisticated look. For these kinds of doors, the usual problem you would face would be the lack of privacy that it provides. Since these are very open in the sense that it is made of some glass window panels, there are occasions where in you will feel the need for privacy. Read more…

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Reinventing Your Home with Sliding Door Window Treatments Ideas

There are several options to add depth and character to a particular room. Usually when one invite guests over to theirs home, we want to express personal style with the room decorating. One way to give a room more character is by adding great window treatments. Now, when people mention window treatments, these usually pertain to windows and not sliding doors. Read more…

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Practical Curved Window Treatments Ideas

An old world charm brought into the present, curved windows may be a little challenge when it comes to window treatments. Because of its unusual curved shape, traditional curtains and blind will not work for this type of window. If you add on an unflattering piece of curtain or the wrong kind of window treatment to this type of window, you would be ruining the elegance and sophistication that comes with the curved window. Read more…

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