How to Buy and Set Up a Corner Curtain Rod

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Every window needs a nice window treatment to go with it. Bay windows as well as corner windows, especially, need window treatments that will enhance their natural appeal. If your windows meet in a corner, you should also consider a corner curtain rod that will ensure your comfort and privacy.

This type of curtain rod will make the curtain fabric appear continuously flowing while a straight curtain rod will only make the curtain fabric appear bunched together. The angles of this curtain rod can align with the shape of your window; thus providing the continuity of a single curtain rod.

When hanging corner curtain rods, however, make sure that you measure your windows first. You should measure each of them starting at the corner and then going outward. This is so you can determine the exact measurements of the curtain rod that you have to buy. See to it that you allow room, at least around half an inch, for mounting hardware.

Then, you should go to the home improvement center or department store near you. Look for the section intended for corner curtain rods and get one with the measurements that match your windows. Make sure that you get the right one because if there are any discrepancies, you will have to go back to the store again.

When you get home, you should get the curtain rod and set it up on the window frame or wall. You can use a pencil or any temporary marker to put markings on the areas where the mounts should go. The markings should neither be too dark nor too light. They should be visible enough yet not destructive.

Also, see to it that you ask someone else to hold the mounting hardware. Installing corner curtain rods can be quite difficult to do by yourself. So, make sure that you have a friend or family member to help you set up. That person should hold the mounting hardware in place while you drill screws into the markings that you have made earlier.

Once you are done, you can now thread your curtains over the curtain rods. You should attach the curtain rods with your curtains to the mounts that you have installed. Having an attractive corner window is easy with the right window treatments. However, aside from choosing which curtain rods to use, you should also observe safety precautions at all times.

When using a ladder to set up corner curtain rods, see to it that you inspect it prior to usage. Accidents may occur if you do not become careful. In addition, make sure that you only deal with trusted sellers when purchasing curtain rods online. Read customer reviews to verify the reliability of the seller.

It is also ideal to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before finalizing an order. Buying things on the Internet can save you a great deal of time and energy; but you should be extra careful since you cannot personally inspect the item before purchase. Read the descriptions as well as the return policy carefully.

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