Ideas for Window Coverings for Sliding Glass Doors

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Most homeowners lose the opportunity to gain a focal point in their homes by failing to decorate their doors. Sliding glass doors are a very practical solution for any home but designing them may prove tricky. Here, are some ideas for window coverings for sliding glass doors. Adding a cornice on top of the sliding glass doors helps draw interest upward by being a decorative element and at the same time, provide space for hanging another window covering. Adding a box valance on top of the door also helps decorate the area for those who would not want to block the glass doors.

In choosing drapery, choose think fabrics for insulation and privacy. Ask for fabrics that are sun-resistant to keep the color and design from fading. Choosing the right fabric does not just make sure that the covering can be used for a long time, but also helps in preventing the furniture inside the room from fading. For those who want to look out the glass doors and have more light come into the room, light fabrics like muslin is an ideal material for curtains. Decorative rods and poles may be used for hanging these fabrics. Using rings to hang them makes an easy to draw  the drapery back during the day when the traffic for the area is high.

Most homeowners turn to blinds as the solution for covering their sliding glass doors. They may be hung high to hide the space above the door for an illusion of a bigger room. Choosing vertical blinds in earth and neutral tones make it go with any design changes homeowners may want to do over the years. Panel track blinds made with textured fabrics is perfect for adding personality to a plain room. For a simpler window treatment, cellular shades that let light filter in may also be installed.

Adding horizontal blinds can easily hide the stationary part of the door and provide access by pulling up the other side. These blinds easily let in the sun and let homeowners look through them. They also prevent glare on television screens and computer monitors. Like vertical blinds, they are also available in different colors and sizes.

However, this type of blinds gathers more dust than vertical blinds. Installing a cornice above the blinds helps improve the look of the window covering. Blinds must be measured precisely to avoid them from getting snags and being damaged from hitting door hardware.

For people who want to avoid maintaining drapery or blinds, frosting the glass is another window treatment option. This is best for small and simple spaces where drapery would be overpowering and shrinks the room instead of enhancing it. Frosting provides privacy while controlling the amount of light that enters the room. An inexpensive alternative would be to install adhesive panels on the glass to achieve the same effect. These are several of designs that support to many tastes of homeowners, so easy to install it. These are removable, so they are perfect for people renting homes or those who would want to change window coverings in the future.

Sliding glass doors continue to gain appeal among homeowners not only because of being practical but also because of its ability to connect the indoors to the outdoors through the use of glass. Decorating them and making them into focal points. It enhances the residential atmosphere and enhances living area too.

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