The Importance of Auto Window Tinting Percentages

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Having a tinted window for one’s car has a lot of benefits. In fact, various people have the windows of their cars tinted for various reasons. Thus, in this regard, the tinting percentages may also vary. So in essence, there are a lot of factors that should be taken into consideration when planning on tinting the windows of cars. For instance, some car owners prefer a darker shade or tint for health reasons.

By the way, some car owners want to a darker tint to protect the interior of the vehicle since exposure to too much sunlight can be abrasive to leather. Still, there are those who prefer darker shades for privacy and security purposes. Actually, the allowable tinting percentages for the windows of cars range from 80 to five percent. More so, there are also a lot of options when it comes to tinting percentages. For instance, one can opt for the 50 percent auto tint shade which is actually pretty light. On the other hand, some car owners prefer the tint shade of 20 percent; it is considered of medium tint. You can see auto window tinting product at our webpage, 3M Crystalline Window Tint.

A car owner can also go for the tint shade of 5 percent; it is the dark tint.  Important thing for every car owner to bear in mind whatever his or her purpose is auto window tinting percentages that are actually governed by state laws. Yes, one cannot drive around certain states with just whatever car window tinting percentage. Otherwise, he or she will risk being apprehended by law enforcement officers.

In the same manner, certain states have various regulations when it comes to tinting percentages. Thus, every car owner should aware of the tinting percentage regulation at his or her state. This way, he or she can properly abide by the law. The fact is, if a car owner or driver violates the tinting percentage regulation, a police officer will apprehend him or her on the road, and that would automatically entail a stiff fine. Thus, it will be best for a car owner or driver to have the initiative to check the window tinting percentage of his or her car. This way, he or she can adjust it accordingly to follow state regulations.

Actually, measuring the window tinting percentage is pretty easy. The only equipment or device one needs is a tint meter which one can  buy it in any car shop, or even borrow from a local shop that offers tinting services. To measure the tinting percentage using the tint meter, one must find an area of the car window that is clean and free from scratches. Then he or she should put the meter on the window through the foamed cut out in the tint meter.

Afterwards, one should press the meter until such time even the LED lights. The meter will then flash a number. That number is then the amount of light that passes through the tint of the car. Lastly, compare this number to the rules of state for tinting percentages to make sure that one complies with the tinting percentage regulations.

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