Great Options for Sliding Door Curtains

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Sliding doors for your home are very eye-catching and practical. However, they could be a big problem when it comes to window installations. There are numerous, striking options that you must consider for your sliding door that could easily enhance the interior of your home such as sliding door curtains. Curtains and draperies are a useful option when it comes to enhancing the look of your windows.

Most sliding doors only have a single glass panel so they are not that energy efficient. Selecting curtains made of heavy fabric such as damask and wool is a great option to retain heat during winter months and cool air during summer time. If you have a smart energy-efficient sliding door, you can choose unadorned curtains, silky panels or modest drapes for the sliding door that permits natural light to enter the room. A really great thing about curtains for sliding doors is that you can change the window treatments anytime you want and quite easily compared to other options such as shades.

Shades for sliding doors are convenient but can be difficult to maintain especially if the door is regularly used. Normally when fixing shades on a sliding door, you are using half of the door’s purpose.

There are numerous kinds of shades that can be suitable for sliding doors. The two most preferred types are bamboo shades and damask screens. Bamboo is such a remarkable material to use. Selecting bamboo shades is also very environmentally friendly since bamboo is a natural material. By using a shade made of bamboo on top of every panel of the door, you can leave a shade drawn for more intimate mood. Bamboo is hard wearing and long lasting so it makes a perfect choice when it comes to window installations. Damask screens are made from high-quality damask, particularly Mediterranean inspired theme.

Vertical blinds are also a common choice. They can provide you with ultimate function and design for sliding doors and also intimate privacy by shading out external light entering the room. The modern type of vertical blinds is a great choice. These blinds can be pulled vertically similar to conventional blinds, but they are made from special honeycomb substance so they will not be as clunky compared to plastic. You can use vertical blinds as a substitute to conventional curtains for your sliding doors.

One of the newest items available for sliding doors are sliding panels. These panels can be opened gradually only allowing what is needed. A variety of fabrics and materials falls under this category.

Another great option to be used as curtains for sliding doors is to use shoji screens. These screens provide your sliding door the Asian ambiance. Grids made of wood and rice paper screens light while providing intimacy. They can also insulate a room. Other entry ways of a home can be installed with shoji screens.

These are just several of the choices you can do to enhance the look of the sliding door aside from using conventional curtains.

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