Types of Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood is popular flooring material for a home’s living room, dining room and bedrooms. It is a durable material, commonly used in home flooring, which adds value and make a warm sense to live. There are many types of hardwood floor that one can choose for his or her own room, house or building space.

The different types include ash wood, maple wood, and oak wood. People know about strength and beauty of ash wood. Maple wood is one of the most used and this flooring gives off a bright, fresh, and light appearance. Not only truly attractive and durable, oak wood flooring has a wide range of color choices starting from the light brown to orange-brown color.

Types of Wood Floors
The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA)  |  www.woodfloors.org
If you are planning to cover the floor with hardwood, a webpage of NWFA has useful information for you, so you will have a better understanding about the type of wood that is available in the market both solid and engineered wood, as well as the difference between the two types of wood. Although we may familiar to distinguish types of wood by theirs species such as oak wood, maple wood, cherry wood, walnut, but when you want to know what kind of wood is right for your home area, then you must look at the characteristics of the structure of wood. NWFA Wood has a cross-section of the house, to show that any area should use solid or engineered wood.

Commercial Hardwood Floors
Shaw Contract Group – www.shawcontractgroup.com
If you feel it difficult to think of the hardwood floor images, Shaw Contract Group‘s website has pictures and details of the hardwood floor which you can filter your search by multiple criteria e.g., a range of colors, the width of a piece of wood or any species of wood such as white oak, red oak, maple, walnut, etc. In addition to the clear images of the wood, it also has the product specifications; thickness, width and more details. Especially the pictures show the room scenes that you can see the sample of decoration with theirs commercial hardwood floors.
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Bona – All About Hardwood
Bona US. – www.mybonahome.com
Learn about the summary of the hardwood floor in a short time by reading this information from Bona, it can help you have more understood about the benefit of the hardwood flooring and other details for consider before selecting such as shade, color, finishing, width, grade, species and type of wood. You will know how size and laying direction can effect to the room vision including tip for planning before deal with dealers or contractors.
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