Creative Options for Window Coverings for Patio Doors

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Patios are one of the parts of the house that receives the most traffic. Aside from being able to control light and a home’s privacy, patio doors must also serve as an inviting gateway for guests and homeowners alike to the landscapes of the outdoors. There are numerous ideas for window coverings for patio doors that will suit any budget or design requirement anyone may have. Browsing through home improvement magazines and books can help generate ideas for decorating a plain and unsightly patio door. Look for similar spaces to the one that needs to be designed.

Visiting model homes is another method of looking for window covering ideas. Homeowner will find when doing window treatment that have many factors for buying decision  and installing window coverings on patio doors. One main factor that homeowners must take into consideration should be the amount of traffic to the patio that the doors must handle. Another factor is the style of the garden and the theme of the other room near the patio area. Shoji screens placed in front of the patio doors is perfect for Asian inspired gardens as it ties in with the theme. However, these screens may be bothersome if guests frequently use the doors. Screens made to fit the doors solve this problem. Because they are usually made of rice paper, these screens effectively block the harsh sun while still allowing light to pass through the window. At night, it effectively provides privacy for homeowners.

In terms of filtering and light, shades are the perfect patio door solution. They come up higher than blinds when raised which makes it easy to control light. They are also available in different opaqueness, so homeowners may choose from shades that filter light into the room or ones that darken it. Roller shades made with textured fabrics, and bold prints are an easy way of adding interest to a room.

Traditional window treatments may also be used to dress up patio doors. Adding a cornice on top of the doors adds visual interest to this entryway. Adding curtains and drapery that utilize fabric that matches the design of the room connecting to the patio is also an effective way of making this area stand out while tying in with the room’s design scheme. Adding tiebacks give the homeowners the option to allow more sunlight come in during the day and gives them privacy at night.

The ideal for window covering solution for homeowners who want something economical and practical would be to install blinds. These window treatments are the easiest to maintain. Vertical and horizontal blinds both work well for patio doors. Being the practical choice does not mean that the aesthetics should be sacrificed. These are all available in different colors and materials, so homeowners may personalize still personalize their space.

With the right window covering, the patio door becomes more than a simple detail to be looked over in a house. Taking the time to choose the perfect window treatment will leave homeowners with a focal point in their house that they and their guests can enjoy.

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