Window Treatments Ideas for French Doors

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French doors are one of the most classic designs known to home design. They provide a great way for light to come into any home while giving it a sophisticated look. For these kinds of doors, the usual problem you would face would be the lack of privacy that it provides. Since these are very open in the sense that it is made of some glass window panels, there are occasions where in you will feel the need for privacy. Although yours goal is to get maximum coverage for the interior of your home, you will not have to worry about feeling too restricted with the design.

Usually, people just treat French doors like any other window. There are many factors to review and research when you wish to treatment French doors for the home. Listed below are some of these considerations.

•    Mounting on the Outside

Unlike other windows, the shade used for French windows or doors are placed on the outside o a window. Remember that this is not your typical type of window since it has a differently mounting depth.

•    Brackets for holding down

The number one problem when designing a shade or window treatment for a French door is the fact that it swings inward and outward. If you place a traditional window treatment for this, you would be faced with the dilemma of the door opening and closing. The door and shade would proceed in different directions, so it would be difficult to use the door often.

If it is in a high traffic area, what you can do is place brackets for holding down the shade. This means that, at the bottom part of the door panel, you can attach brackets so that the shade does not “go into different directions.”

•    Decorative handles that can get in your way

French door handles are much more intricate and sophisticated in comparison to usual door knobs. Although nice to look at, they may have some problem in using. A solution would be to opt for a flat window or door blind rather than using a protruding one.

When it comes to the shade specifically, there are several options to choose from that give your home a specific feel to it.

•    Classic Feel with curtains

You can never go wrong with a curtain on a French door. It provides a simple yet elegant feel to your home. Sheer curtain provide maximum entry of light without exposing too much from within your home, which makes it a practical choice in terms of fabric.

•    Rustic and homey – French Door Shutters

French door shutters are fitted exactly for the panels with cut-out points on the portion of the decorative handles, so they do not seem too bulky.

Some modern shutters are placed in the home where in the open-close action is no longer dependent on opening the door itself.

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